Lighting is taken for granted as a necessity, but what it is costing you to provide this essential facility? Traditional lighting consumes substantial amounts of electricity, has a short life-span and is often costly to maintain. LED lighting has rapidly developed over the last 10 years and has now come of age, illustrated by the fact that we offer a 10-year warranty on most of our projects.

Our LED lighting projects can dramatically cut the operating costs and improve the working environment by installing super-efficient next generation LED lighting resulting in;

  • Reduced energy consumption by 50% – 90%, reducing bills and CO2 emissions/taxes
  • Eliminate maintenance requirements
  • Operational life of up to 100,000 hours +
  • Improved quality of light
  • Immediate 100% light output when switched – no warm-up period
  • Ideal to use in combination with presence detection controls and daylight sensors
  • Typically provide a project payback period of 12-36 months and benefits from tax breaks such as Enhanced Capital Allowances

Our low energy LED lighting partner has a wealth of experience; they will design, supply, install, commission and guarantee the performance of your system using cutting edge technology with the greatest performance and savings in mind. Where appropriate, our lighting systems incorporate high performance controls to ensure optimal performance and maximum energy savings.

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