Metering & Control

Power Efficient Solutions is bringing ‘Smart Grid’ Internet of Things (IoT) energy management and control systems to the energy market, whilst many others are still talking about it.  Our real time GSM/GPRS 3G and 4G energy monitoring and control technologies give our customers the power to consume and control the import and export of energy in ways they have never been able to before.

  • Full overview of where energy is being used

  • Individual asset targeting

  • Realtime access to energy, utility, and carbon data (via cloud)

  • Automated exception reporting

  • Smart grid ready

  • Remotely control functions to utilise energy only when it’s needed

The UK is moving towards a more flexible, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective energy system, known as the smart grid – an integrated digital communications platform that allows electricity distribution network operators and energy suppliers to detect and react to local changes in energy demand and usage.

Achieving smarter energy networks requires smarter methods of monitoring and controlling power usage. The traditional process of recording supplier-to-end user energy flow is no longer effective in a network with bi-directional power flow, where consumers can sell renewable energy back to the grid as part of a smart, two-way exchange.  Our technology is ahead of the game – it is smart, grid-ready, and compatible with the energy network of tomorrow. We can digitise assets within your business, providing you with the ability to remotely control functions and utilise energy only when it is needed, saving you money, and reducing your businesses’ carbon footprint. With our IoT compatible devices fit for the digitalised infrastructure of tomorrow’s world, installing our technology will not only ensure your business is futureproofed, it will also enable you to stay one step ahead of your competitors when the smart-grid platform is widely available.

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