Power Factor Correction – Maintenance

Power Factor Correction equipment is an important part of many businesses’ electrical infrastructure, and ensures they are complying with current regulations and utilising their power as efficiently as possible.

It is usually found connected to the main incoming LV supply and reacts automatically to load fluctuations, reducing demand and ensuring no penalties are attracted for operating an inefficient electrical supply.

It is therefore important to regularly maintain your Power Factor Correction equipment to ensure you are maximising the benefits.

As with any piece of electrical equipment components will fail from time to time but as Power Factor Correction capacitors store energy it is vital regular checks are carried out to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

A typical Power Factor for a site benefitting from Power Factor Correction equipment would be between 0.95 – 0.99 (95-99% efficient).  However, it is not unusual to come across a Power Factor much lower than this due to underperforming Power Factor Correction equipment, as a result of component failure or capacitor deterioration.

Power Efficient Solutions Ltd carry out nationwide maintenance on all makes and models of Power Factor Correction equipment, to ensure you are achieving the maximum benefit from your equipment.  Our service vehicles carry a vast array of spare parts to ensure your equipment is fully operational and achieving maximum output during our initial maintenance visit and before leaving site.

Maintenance & Inspection of Power Factor Correction is normally carried out on an annual basis or a biannual basis for sites that rely heavily on their Power Factor Correction due to a potential for overload.

Checks & Procedures

  • The bank is observed during normal operation on arrival for any apparent malfunction of controls
  • The bank is then switched off and tested for isolation
  • The capacitors are tested for discharge to ensure safe working and for the condition of discharge resistors
  • General Inspection for deterioration of insulation, individual components, evidence of loose connections, excessive heat and assess for likelihood of failure
  • Capacitance test of each capacitor element (uF measurements for output and early evidence of likely failure)
  • Tightness check of all electrical connections
  • Inspection, cleaning and possible replacement of ventilation filters to avoid excessive deterioration due to high ambient temperatures within the enclosure
  • Insulation test of power circuits, capacitors and control circuits
  • Full operational check to include the power factor control relay, capacitor switching contactors, ancillary controls and general control circuitry
  • Current measurements for detection of harmonic distortion and signs of deterioration
  • System power factor check
  • Replacement of any failed components, subject to client approval
  • Any shrouds previously removed are replaced and the site left clean and tidy
  • PFC Maintenance Report presented

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