Project Description

Energy Savings

  • 13,140 kWh

Return on Investment

  • 16 Months

Emissions Reduction

  • 7,987 kg

The Project

This pilot project marked the first use of ECO3 product for refrigeration systems in Sainsbury’s petrol filling stations and determined whether a national roll-out of the product would proceed.

The ECO3 was installed to optimize the two Copeland scroll compressors, each operating on 4.6 kW. These compressors provide refrigeration to the station’s food and beverage display cabinets, and are controlled by a Universal-R digital thermostat.

Over the monitoring period in the summer of 2012, the ECO3 was switched between ON and OFF mode to gain comparative energy usage data. The ECO3 logs the number of hours the compressor runs as well as the number of hours the ECO3 prevents the compressor from running in order to save energy. This data is shown on the product display screen for easy savings verification. An amperage meter measured the energy consumption of the compressors with and without the ECO3 in operation to confirm the screen data results. Loggers were also installed inside the refrigeration cabinets to monitor the internal temperature.

Project Results

Based on the results of this pilot project, Sainsbury’s has initiated a national roll-out of Smartcool’s ECO3 to its petrol filling station refrigeration systems.
The ECO3 reduced the energy consumption of the compressors, saving an average of 13,140 kWh annually, and providing payback in approximately 21 months. The energy efficiency improvement will also cut the switching station’s greenhouse gas emissions by 7,987 kg every year.
These energy efficiency gains were made with no discernible impact on temperature performance of the refrigeration system.