Project Description

Energy Savings

  • 172,094 kWh

Return on Investment

  • 14 Months

Emissions Reduction

  • 104,601 kg

The Project

The ESM™ was installed to optimize the energy consumption of two Bitzer chillers each with two compressors and operating on 18.75 kW input, as well as on one holding freezer in the bakery.

Over a six month period in 2011, the ESM™ units and the refrigeration system were monitored in order to gather compressor energy usage data. Energy data loggers were installed to monitor the energy consumption of the compressors both with and without the ESM™ units in operation.

These loggers took data samples every 8 seconds with an accumulated record every 6 minutes. During the analysis, the data is accumulated and averaged over one hour periods to provide comparative data. The temperature performance of the units during the evaluation was also monitored.

Project Results

The evaluation demonstrated an overall average reduction in electricity consumption for the refrigeration systems of 172,094 kWh per year, representing energy savings of 20% by the ESMTM. This energy savings equates to a rapid return on investment of just 14 months, as well as a reduction of 104,601 kg greenhouse gas emissions.

These energy efficiency gains were made with no discernible impact on temperature or humidity performance of the refrigeration systems.
Based on these positive results, Warburton’s had Smartcool installed in two more of their large bakeries