Project Description

The Background

Thew Arnott are a business specialising in raw materials and ingredients for food production. Parts of the site are food production clean rooms, mixing areas and a laboratory. Perfect Sense Energy helped increase the energy efficiency and reduce energy spend at their site in Deeside. They previously had traditional fluorescent and metal halide lighting, which use high amounts of energy and require frequent costly maintenance.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke lighting solution for Thew Arnott, using a variety of LED light types to replace the previous lighting. 250w high bays found in the warehouse were replaced with 150w LED equivalents, whilst double fluorescent tubes were replaced with modern linear LED battens that used less than half the power. Offices, corridors and reception areas were fitted with state of the art LED panels that used less than 50% of the energy of the previous lights, whilst providing a modern look and uniform lighting.

The Results & Feedback

This installation provided Thew Arnott with 61% energy savings in the first year. The project has a payback of under 2.4 years and with our SME Carbon Trust rebate grants Thew Arnott will receive 30% of the project cost. This installation provides vibrant lighting across the site that improves visibility and productivity, whilst creating a modern atmosphere. The LED lights have a lifetime of 50,000+ hours and do not require costly and time consuming maintenance.