Project Description

Initial Survey

We identified two refrigeration systems (identified as Freezer 1 and Freezer 2) as good candidates to conduct a test ECO3 installation on.

Details of Refrigeration System



Quantity of Compressors


Compressors Type



The installation of the two ECO3s was undertaken and completed by engineers in March 2017.

Energy Logging

  • Two Owl Loggers were installed to isolate and monitor the supply to the both refrigeration systems.

  • A download of the data was taken on 11th April 2017.

  • The raw data file and savings calculations have been supplied back to Cleone Foods should further analysis be required.

Switching Schedule

The two ECO3s were switched between ”Bypass Mode” and “Savings Mode” in accordance with the following schedule

  • 6/3 to 13/3 Bypass Mode
  • 13/3 to 22/3 Savings Mode
  • 22/3 to 29/3 Bypass Mode
  • 29/3 to 8/4 Savings Mode

Energy Data Daily Usage

Energy Saving Test Results

Average Daily Savings During 56 kWh
Average Daily % Savings 19.5%
Average Daily £ Savings £8.43