Project Description

Annual Savings

  • £1,656.20 (7%)

  • 13,649 kW/h

  • 5,924 Kg Co2 (Carbon Dioxide)

  • 123 Kg So2 (Sulphur Dioxide)

  • 23 Kg NOx (Nitrogen Oxide)


  • 5 Years



  • Reduction in Current Draw (34.3 Amps per phase)

  • Reduced Capacity (24.7kVA)


  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Established in 1974 and based in Northampton, Nemco Metals International are part of the global Wieland Group supplying precision brass rods to the Wieland client base.

Power Efficient Solutions Ltd were engaged to offer recommendations to reduce energy consumption, which included a detailed site survey and analysis of the incoming supply.  From this we recommended the introduction of Voltage Optimisation to reduce the incoming voltage from 244 volts to 226 volts and reduce kWh consumption by a predicted 7%.

The installation was carried out with the minimum of interruption to Nemco’s operations, requiring only a 1-hour shutdown for final connection, carried out during a period when it would not affect their normal operations.

The results were then monitored over a 4-month period to analyse the impact on their energy consumption.  As predicted the Voltage Optimiser returned an energy saving of 7% to return the financial and system savings detailed above.

The reduction in voltage will also have a beneficial effect on ALL electrical equipment on site, improving reliability and reducing future maintenance costs.