Project Description

The Background

The site is a joinery workshop that manufactures high end furniture for corporate clients including Bentley, Britvic and Virgin. The current traditional discharge lighting was proving difficult to maintain and light levels were making it increasingly difficult to accurately judge colour and quality of finish. The lighting system running cost was over £6500/yr on energy and maintenance costs. The lights were never turned off during operating hours as the building has no skylights to let in natural daylight.


The Solution

A lighting scheme was designed using Constellation Lighting IP65 60w linear LED units with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. The lighting plan showed a projected average lux level of 470 (50% higher than existing), using 60% less power. Financial savings from using less energy total over £4,000 per annum and as the LED units have a minimum useful lifespan of 50,000 hrs, they’ll eliminate maintenance costs completely. This means the installation will pay for itself in 2 years and save the company over £57,000 over 10 years.


The Results & Feedback

The result is a natural looking bright, energy efficient environment similar to daylight in colour. MD Julie Mangion commented; ‘The new LED lighting will really help our workers to see very fine details and read their design drawings with ease. Our finishing room has been totally transformed and is now an asset to us and our spray booth is now twice as bright as before. Everyone is really pleased with the project results and I highly recommend Perfect Sense Energy LED Lighting.’