Project Description

Energy Savings

  • 56,072 kWh

Return on Investment

  • 13 Months

Emissions Reduction

  • 34,081 kg

The Project

The ESM™  was installed to optimize the two screw compressors in the main Grasso chiller responsible for cooling the indoor ski slope at this leisure center.

Over a seven month period in 2010, the ESM™ units were monitored to determine the energy savings levels achieved.

Project Results

The evaluation demonstrated an overall average reduction of 22% kWh in electricity consumption for the compressors, totalling energy savings of 56,072 kWh per year. These savings equates to a rapid return on investment of just 13 months, as well as a reduction of 34,081 kg greenhouse gas emissions.

These energy efficiency gains were made with no discernible impact on temperature or performance of the cooling systems.