Project Description

The Background

Tatra Rotalac are a plastics manufacturer based in Manchester. Their existing HID lighting produced low light levels which was causing numerous issues. Long operating hours meant the lights were used through the night, meaning night workers struggled with low visibility resulting in reduced levels of productivity and increased re-work. The lights were costly to maintain and had very high energy running costs due to operating for 112 hours per weeks.


The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke lighting system for the shop floor and warehouses, using LED’s that required 74% less energy compared to the previous lighting due to reductions in the wattage of fittings and the number required. Tatra Rotalac also opted for LED replacement exterior flood-lighting to provide brighter levels of light at night, improving security and also giving the building a much more modern look and feel. The project also qualified for the Green Business Fund 30% grant funding, making the project even more attractive.


The Results & Feedback

The new lighting has reduced energy costs by over £10,000 per annum, whilst providing Tatra Rotalac with a greatly improved working environment. The building is now bathed in vibrant, bright light which creates a more modern, safer shop floor area with hugely improved levels of visibility. The lighting also helps late-shift workers to feel more alert, increasing their productivity. The installation is projected to pay for itself in energy savings in approximately 14 months (including the 30% grant funding).