Project Description

Annual Savings

  • £7,903.14

  • 12,397 kWh (Client)

  • 65,641kWh (DNO)

  • 28,488 Kg Co2 (Carbon Dioxide)

  • 591 Kg So2 (Sulphur Dioxide)

  • 112 Kg NOx (Nitrogen Oxide)

  • 7 Acres of Trees


  • 25 Months


  • Reduction in Energy Costs

  • Compliance with Legislation

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Reduction in excess ASC charges

  • Removal of Reactive Power Charges

Tremco Illbruck of Wigan in Lancashire are a manufacturer of coatings serving the construction industry.  Already a Client of Power Efficient Solutions Ltd, they approached us with details of their expansion plans and asked how it could affect their electrical infrastructure.

Already exceeding the ASC (Arranged Supply Capacity) on a regular basis, they were mindful as to the impact of further expansion, both from a financial and electrical capacity perspective.

Whilst we identified no capacity issues, we did highlight significant financial implications of the planned expansion, in terms of electrical efficiency.

The existing PFC (150kVAr ‘Standard’) would not be capable of handling the increased load and would further deteriorate due to increased harmonic distortion, once the expansion works are completed.

Therefore, we recommended a 400kVAr ‘Detuned’ Power Factor Correction unit be installed.  Due to issues regarding access to the client switch room the PFC equipment was manufactured in a non-standard enclosure to ensure the smoothest possible installation.

The installation works were completed across 2-days with no disruption to the client’s production schedule.