Power Factor Correction Lancashire

PES UK cover power factor correction services across Lancashire, our team of power factor correction experts have over 15 years experience in the power factor correction industries and have worked across Lancashire and the North West UK

Why should I install Power Factor Correction Lancashire?

Poor Power Factor has negative implications on businesses because it:

  • Draws more current from the network – costing more to achieve the same task
  • Can incur a ‘power factor penalty’ from your supplier, sometimes called a ‘reactive power charge’
  • Can lead to a business exceeding it’s arranged supply capacity and attracting penalties called ‘excess capacity charge’
  • Causes losses at transformers and other devices leading to unwanted heat gains, causing increased kWh consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reduces the effective capacity of the electrical infrastructure
  • Can cause excessive volt drops in the supply network
  • Can reduce the life expectancy of electrical equipment

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    What Next?

    If you’re looking to reduce your electricity costs or free up capacity for new equipment, Power Efficient Solutions Ltd offer a free of charge, no obligation survey into the potential benefits from installing Power Factor Correction.  Leaving you free to run your business.

    Contact us today for further information and to arrange a Power Factor Correction Lancashire survey.