Power Surveys & Reporting

Harmonic Surveys

Also referred to as a G5/4-1 Survey, the results help to provide a profile of a sites electrical magnetic compatibility when considering adding additional loads and/or complying with existing legislation. These surveys are generally held over a typical week and allow the analysis of the harmonic distortion content of the site and existing electrical installations. Monitoring of both Voltage and Current Harmonics is made along with other indicators such as THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and report presented, with any recommendations regarding G5/4-1 compliance.

What is Harmonic Distortion? (LINK to pdf))

Energy Load Profiling

Understanding what you are consuming is the first step in helping to plan energy reductions, to save money or identify areas where you can expand and install additional loads onto your electrical system. We recommend that the survey is produced over what you would consider a typical week with potential follow up surveys on larger projects to help reflect seasonal variations on some sites. Areas of interest in these surveys are your kW (Real Power), kVAR (Reactive Power), kVA (Apparent Power), V (Voltage) and A (Current) which will produce a detailed picture of your energy usage.

Power Factor Correction Analysis

Where a sites infrastructure is made up of several incoming LV supplies it is difficult to assess which supplies would benefit most from Power Factor Correction, from the bills alone. Therefore, you require analysis of each LV supply to create a better understanding of your requirements. Normally carried out over a typical week, the survey will indicate which individual LV supplies would benefit most and offer the best return on your investment.
What is Power Factor Correction? (LINK to pdf)

Full Power Quality Survey

All of the above survey types can be combined into one survey to help you fully understand your Power Quality, highlighting any issues with compliance and indicate where you can make savings on your energy consumption, or install that vital piece of new equipment.

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What is Harmonic Distortion?