The retail industry is vital to the UK economy; in 2016 alone, it generated £358 billion worth of sales. It is the largest private sector employer with approximately 290,315 outlets in the UK employing 2.9 million people.  The introduction of On-Line shopping has made it more and more important to reduce overheads in traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets.  One of the largest overheads faced in the retail industry is the ever-increasing cost of energy.  The most effective way to reduce energy costs and maintain a competitive edge is through the introduction of Energy Efficient & Renewable Technologies.  Power Efficient Solutions offer clear, concise and unbiassed advice on which technologies will impact your business best.  We have installed many different technologies into various businesses within the industry.  Whether it’s Department Stores, Supermarkets, High Street Outlets and many more, Power Efficient Solutions can look after the entire process, from conception to installation, leaving you free to run your business in the knowledge you are introducing the most cost-effective solutions.  Please see our Case Studies page for some of our recent success stories.