Typical voltage across the K network is 242 volts however electrical equipment is designed to work at a much lower voltage generally around 224 volts. This over voltage is wasted through heat loss and leads to increased consumption costs and reduced equipment lifespan. Voltage Optimisation is a Carbon trust approved technology and can remove this harmful over voltage reducing electricity costs and carbon footprint (Co2) whilst dramatically prolonging the lifespan of all electrical equipment.

  • Improved electrical effeciency
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint (Co2)
  • Reduced circuit currents
  • Reduced Kwh consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Typical payback 2 to years

Free Survey

Power Efficient Solutions Ltd can carry out a free of charge desktop survey to advise on both potential savings and equipment requirement with no obligation.


Our range of Voltage Optimisers are designed to connect to your incoming supply, offering a whole site solution to improve efficiency and reduce consumption across all your electrical loads. ll our equipment is designed bespoke to your specific requirements include a manual fail safe for added supply integrity and come rated between 50mps to 2000mps. Cubicle dimensions and cable arrangements can be tailored to suit your specific site to sit seamlessly alongside your switch gear.


Power Efficient Solutions Ltd undertake independent site surveys and offer equipment specification savings protections and post install savings analysis for ALL makes of Voltage Optimisation by one of our skilled engineers anywhere in the UK.

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